Dr. Diaz dedicated himself to providing the most complete knowledge and training of modern surgical procedures to his patients. He took an extra year of training (also known as a Fellowship) developing skills in minimally invasive surgical techniques. He prides himself on being able to offer patients the least invasive procedural options resulting in faster recoveries and less complications than the alternative options. He feels that his skill focus in the foregut surgery program gave him vital experiences in procedures such as hernia repairs and various types of major organ biopsies. He was drawn into surgery as a profession because, as he states, he, “wanted to be able to physically intervene in a patient’s care to provide a chance for a cure.” He is known by many to have a big heart.

In addition to his work with patients in our office Dr. Diaz is a passionate supporter of our various community fundraisers and improvement projects.

He is married with two children.  He enjoys fishing, golfing, lawn care and home maintenance.  He is an avid football fan and he enjoys games from both of his favorite local teams, the Miami Hurricanes and the Miami Dolphins, as often as he can.

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