The surgeons at North Orlando Surgical Group have a combined total of 45 years of experience offering surgical services to the community. We pride ourselves on providing the least invasive, innovative surgical techniques in an environment focused on quality care and exemplary customer service. Our physicians have performed thousands of hernia repairs with a very low complication rate. We recognize that surgery is a frightening proposition and we pride ourselves in assuring confidence in our abilities while getting you through the process with caring and compassion.

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The lymph system is a network of vessels that run throughout the body, and are responsible for helping to fight infection. When an infection occurs the lymph nodes in that area can become large and painful. Occasionally an enlarged lymph node is indicative of a cancer. You may notice a lump, often in the armpit, groin or neck area, but sometimes lymph nodes can be in areas that you cannot feel, such as the space between your lungs. Often these enlarged nodes are found after a patient has a CT scan. Your doctor may recommend that you undergo a biopsy to determine the cause for the enlargement of the lymph node in question. A biopsy is a procedure to remove the node and send it to pathology for a diagnosis

If you are advised that a biopsy is in order you may undergo a mediastinoscopy and the biopsy will be performed this way. This is done at the hospital in the operating room. You will be given a general anesthetic and a small incision would be made in the hollow area at the base of your throat. A special lighted scope is then slide into the mediastinal space along the back of your sternum. Once the lymph nodes in question are seen the doctor will remove some to send to the pathology department. The scope is then removed and the incision is closed with absorbable sutures which are under the skin. They do not need to be removed. You will be asked to follow up in the doctor’s office one week after surgery for results.

Most of the time pathology demonstrates this to be a benign reactive lymph node. This means that it is enlarged because of a previous infection, which is how the lymph system responds to infection in the body. Occasionally a lymph node may be found to be a cancer. Some cancers in the lymph nodes are cancers that started elsewhere and spread to the lymph nodes, others are cancers of the lymph nodes themselves. In either case you will be referred to see an oncologist to discuss what, if any, additional treatment is needed.

Needing a biopsy can be frightening and you may not know what to think in the time leading up to your procedure. It is important to not only choose a surgeon that has the skills needed to safely perform this delicate surgery, but to also guide you and answer your questions. Here at North Orlando Surgical Group we provide you with expertise and caring to perform your procedure and make sure you are comfortable. We take the time you need to answer your questions and allay your fears. As our patient you are a part of the family! Call today to schedule your appointment

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