Video Assited Thoracoscopy with Pleurodesis and Decortication

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The lungs are spongy organs which fill with air when you breathe. Oxygen is taken in when you inhale and picked up by the blood, while carbon dioxide is removed from the blood and expelled when you exhale. The lungs are covered by a membranous tissue called the visceral pleura. The inside of the chest cavity is lined with a membrane called the parietal pleura. Fluid can sometimes accumulate between these two membranes because of several reasons, such as heart failure, cancer, injury or infection. This fluid can make it very difficult to breathe, as they restrict the amount of space available for your lungs to inflate. If you are found to have fluid in pleural space you will be referred to a surgeon to discuss surgical treatment.

There are two types of treatment that your doctor may recommend. One type of treatment is pleurodesis. Pleurodesis is removal of the fluid and insertion of medication to prevent the fluid rom re-accumulating. The other type of treatment is decortication. If the fluid has been caused by infection, then a rind can form around the fluid. Decortication is a procedure to scrape off this rind and then allow the fluid to be removed. Both of these procedures are done thoracoscopically, using a camera and small incisions in the chest.

You will be asked to present to the hospital on the day of your procedure. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. You will have one or two tubes in the chest after surgery to allow the lung to re-expand and to drain any residual fluid. You can expect to stay in the hospital for a few days following your procedure. When the lung has re-expanded and your chest tube(s) have been removed you will be cleared to go home. Upon returning home you will need to call our office to schedule your follow up appointment in the weeks following your procedure.

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