Dr. Steinbaum completed additional training, known as a Fellowship in Surgical Critical Care.  He initially accepted a position as a Clinical Instructor at the MIEMSS Shock Trauma Center in Maryland.  Although he enjoyed the fast pace of the trauma center as well as the diversity, he discovered that he wanted a closer and longer lasting relationship with his patients.  He decided to leave the academic world to enter private practice.  He chose surgery because he enjoyed the ability to immediately diagnose and resolve problems through surgical intervention.

Dr. Steinbaum was born in Des Moines, Iowa but was raised in Westbury, New York.  His father was a Primary Medical Physician.  He enjoys football, especially the Miami Hurricanes.  His interests include motorcycles, sports of all kinds and collecting gemstones,  He has a daughter who is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Social Work.

His true joy is spending time with his pack of dogs which is made up of Labradoodles and Daniffs.

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