Open Abdominal Surgery

At North Orlando Surgical Group, we are proud to have established a unique surgical practice characterized by superior skills and extraordinary services both to the patient we care for as well as their referring physicians.  We are recognized in Central Florida for our ability to perform complex procedures in the least invasive way.  Our attentive staff is focused on providing the highest level of personal services and are committed to making every patient’s surgical experience as comfortable and convenient as it can be.

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Open abdominal surgeries are procedures that are performed through an incision. This approach is used when a laparoscopic approach is inappropriate, either due to previous surgeries or the complexity of the procedure being performed. Some common surgeries that are done in an open fashion are:

• Whipple procedures/pancreatectomy
• Splenectomy
• Liver resections
• Gastrectomy

Most procedures are done laparoscopically or laparoscopically assisted. This means that while there will be an incision made, it can be made smaller than a traditional open incision. Often colon resections and colostomy reversal are done in this fashion, with three poke hole incisions and one incision that is large enough to accommodate the surgeon’s hand.

Open procedures are done in the operating room at the hospital. You will be given a general anesthetic and can expect to spend a couple of days in the hospital. Your incision may run down the middle of your abdomen and will go around the umbilicus, or belly button. In some instances the incision is made in a chevron, or upside-down V shape across the upper abdomen. This is usually done in the case of a Whipple procedure. Another type of incision is a transverse incision, meaning the incision goes across the abdomen as opposed to up and down. It may be located in the side of the abdomen in a diagonal direction, or can be across the bottom of the abdomen above the pubic bone. In any open operation the incision will most likely be closed using staples. These staples will be removed in our office. You will need to call our office as soon as you get home to schedule your follow up appointment, which is usually in two weeks.

Our surgeons are well trained in performing minimally invasive surgery. In their skilled hands open abdominal procedures are done very infrequently. It is important to choose a surgeon with the skills and expertise to perform an open abdominal surgery successfully. Here at North Orlando Surgical Group our surgeons not only have this expertise, but the caring to guide you through your surgery. Call our office today for a consultation to discuss your options for treatment!

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