Radioablation of Liver Lesions

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The liver is a large vital organ in the right upper abdomen. Beside the skin it is the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself if there is healthy tissue present. In the case of severe cirrhosis, or scar tissue it cannot. The liver produces bile to aid in digestion of fat, and also acts as a filter for the blood. A liver ablation is a procedure that can often be done laparoscopically and uses radiofrequency or microwaves to ablate or destroy a nodule of the liver. This is generally done to treat a malignant tumor. There are several reasons an ablation might be recommended, such as:

• In patients who are not candidates for a liver resection due to cirrhosis
• In patients whose cancer is in multiple locations of the liver
• In patients whose cancer has spread to the liver from another location
• In patients whose cancer has not responded to chemotherapy

Because the liver is able to regenerate itself it will usually regrow the portion of liver that is removed. In patients with cirrhosis of the liver this is not the case. In these patients it is important that the surgeon only treat what is necessary and leave behind as much healthy liver as possible to avoid liver failure. Bleeding is always risk of surgery, especially in patients with existing liver disease, as one of the liver’s functions is to help with blood clotting.

The procedure is done in the hospital. You will be given a general anesthetic. Three or four poke hole incisions will be made to insert the scope and instruments needed for the procedure. A probe will be inserted into the nodules and radiofrequency or microwaves will be used to burn the tissue. When the doctor is confident that all the areas have been treated and there is no bleeding the incisions will be closed and you will be sent to the recovery room until you are awake. You will most likely go home that evening, although you may be kept overnight. You will need to call our office as soon as you get home to schedule your follow up appointment, which is usually in two weeks.

If your procedure was done as an open procedure you will also be given a general anesthetic. An open incision will be made and the areas of concern will be treated in the same fashion. Your incision will most likely be closed with staples. You will need to call our office as soon as you get home to schedule your follow up appointment, which is usually in two weeks.

It is important to choose a surgeon with the skills and expertise to perform a liver radiablation successfully. Here at North Orlando Surgical Group our surgeons not only have this expertise, but the caring to guide you through your surgery. Call our office today for a consultation to discuss your options for treatment!

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